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“Know yourself”, - this is a motto I, contemporary artist Natalia Baykalova, refer to every time I seek for the inspiration. As a contemporary artist, I truly believe that your mind is an endless honeycomb of ideas, forms, visions and other scattered pieces of inner art. You just need to pierce it with a “free-your-mind pin” to get to the sweet liquid content.

My art broadcasts love, purity of color, passion and vibration of life. I never do gloom. My joy-cloud is always access free.




Natalia Baykalova was born in 1985 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. She graduated from Krasnoyarsk Art College in 2005 and since then she never stopped painting. She also worked as a graphic designer in a magazine, photographer and a teacher of arts. For the last few years she runs her own art-school for children. Natalia held a series of private exhibitions not only in her home-town, but also in Egypt, where she spent several years.


Nowadays, Natalia Baykalova is one of the most well-known and promising artists in Krasnoyarsk. Her works are sold across the world and there are tens of satisfied and happy buyers from different corners of our planet.





"To say that Natalia is a talented artist would be something of a major understatement, as she is that and much more. This isn't the first painting I've purchased from her ( and it won't be the last; on the contrary, I plan on buying her art in perpetuity and can only hope that she continues creating such beautiful work. I would also add that she was (is) a pleasure to work with and was very helpful toward me regarding the delivery date of "Quiet day in November." Working with her was a pleasurable experience, and I heartily recommend her to anyone interested in purchasing first-rate work from a first-rate artist."

Cary Stacy Smith, United States