Curriculum vitae
34 years old

2000-2005 Art College of V. I. Surikov
1998-2000 Art School of V. I. Surikov

    Grade: High School Certificate
Solo Exhibitions

"Captivity of pointe" in the Hilton Garden Inn Krasnoyarsk

    May 2019
"Serendipity" in the Hilton Garden Inn Krasnoyarsk
    April  2018
Solo exhibition in Al-Kalema Hall, Culture Wheel - Sakyet El Sawy, Zamalek, Cairo.

    March 2015

"Faces" a solo exhibition in Cairo Opera House, Ziad Baker Hall, Egypt
    September 2014
"Feminine" a solo exhibition in Cala Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

    November 2012
Selected Group Exhibitions
Spring group of exhibitors in AinArta Gallery, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
•    April 2013
Private collections
Elena McKittrick, Anna Braun, Svetlana Ahmetova, Anna Yung, Viktor Pavlukov, Volker
Wendel, Henry Winckworth, Anouk Poelmann and other

•    Art studio "YasnoYarko"

Natalia Baykalova was born in 1985 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. She graduated Krasnoyarsk Art College in 2005 and since than she never stopped painting. She also worked as a graphic designer in a magazine, photographer and a teacher of arts. For the last few years she runs her own art-school for children. Natalia held a series of private exhibitions not only in her home-town, but also in Egypt, where she spent several years.


Nowadays Natalia Baykalova is one of the most well-known and promising artists in Krasnoyarsk. Her works are sold across the world and there are tens of satisfied and happy
buyers from different corners of our planet. 


"Know yourself", - this is a motto I refer to every time I seek for the inspiration. As an contemporary artist I truly believe that your mind is an endless honeycomb of ideas, forms, visions and other scattered pieces of inner art. You just need to pierce it with a "free-your-mind pin" to get to sweet liquid content.

In my works I passed through a long road of a painful self-esteem to a sudden acceptance of what I do and why I do. Sometimes I feel like a sculptor who creates herself from a piece of something solid and hard. I cut off from piece to piece to find the real me.

My art broadcasts love, purity of color, passion and vibration of life. I never do gloom. My joy-cloud is always access free.



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