The outcasts

Love of dance is a red thread permeating my art. I love to depict the ease of movement, the poetry of female figures frozen in graceful poses and exciting mood of the scene. My first works devoted to dance are an explosive mixture in the style of Edgar Degas and Zinaida Serebryakova. BThere was a dusty cardboard folder in the furthest corner of my apartment. That folder contained a lot of my old canvases that were not demanded for years. Those pieces of art were simply rejected not only by customers, but also by creator. Myself. But in February 2020 they saw the daylight again and transformed to something new. And that gave me some kind of freedom I've been seeking for a long time. I really gave up on those canvases, but knew that in every picture there was a great idea. The point is that I couldn't simply set that idea right or make it understandable.

I saw a chance. How often I've been stopped from expressive creating by expensive white canvas, untouched tubes of oil and my classical education, of course. I thought that some of my ideas are just waste of time and materials. But now I have those "dirty and rejected" canvases to make something I've always been afraid of. There was not a fear of blank paper that time, just the ideas to turn into practice.
ut going further, I found my own way and started to see the world of dance with my own eyes.