• You can purchase a print of any of my paintings on paper or canvas. All prints are personally signed.


• Prints on canvas contain hand-written elements (with acrylics), to give volume to the picture and they are also signed. Printing is made on a high-quality canvas.


• You can choose a print with the following sizes: 40x50 cm, 60x80 cm, 70x100 cm.


• All prints are shipped on stretchers.


• Prints on paper I also sign. Printing is made on art paper with a density of 200 mg/m


• Prints on paper are sent in cardboard boxes, and those bigger than 60x80 are shipped in a tube.


• You can order a print of the size you need. Just send me a message in the "contacts" tab.


• You can see the pictures of prints on canvas and on paper below this text.

Dear Friends, you can buy Open Edition Prints on 




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