Painting / Oil on linen  / Size: 80 H x 80 W x 2 cm / 2021 / Ships in a Box / Shipping included in price



Итальянский  Adagio, «ада́джо» — медленно, спокойно, плавно) — медленный музыкальный темп. Это описание идеально подходит этой картине. Моё любимое сочетание абстракции и реализма, неспешность красоты и мазков краски.


Italian Adagio, "adagio" - slowly, calmly, smoothly - slow musical tempo. This description is perfect for this painting. My favorite combination of abstraction and realism, the slowness of beauty and paint strokes.

"Adagio" / "Адажио"

    • This is original oil on canvas painting. 
    • Painting is signed on the front and the back and ready to hang. 
    • Artwork on supported wooden frame.
    • Signed with a Certificate of Authenticity attached.