Painting / Oil on canvas / Size: 70 H x 60 W x 2 cm / Ships in a Box

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One more of a winter sketches. You slide on a crazy speed from a long mountain and feel the wind in your face. You nearly fly! And all the nature around is so awesome: the fir-trees, the sun and the sky. I love that feeling and I share my emotions with you.


Ещё одна зимняя зарисовка. Вот катишься на бешенной скорости с длиннющей горы и ветер в лицо, и почти летишь, и красота во круг – ели могучие, небо бездонное. Это мне близко, по этому и запечатлею эти эмоции на холсте.


"Energy of Snow №4"/ "Энергия снега №4"

    • This is original oil on canvas painting. 
    • Painting is signed on the front and the back and  it ready to hang. 
    • Signed with a Certificate of Authenticity attached.