Painting / Oil, Acrylic on canvas and spray paint / 2020 / Size: 79 H x 119 W x 2 cm / Ships in a Box / Shipping included in price


It's just the positive portrait of a truly positive girl. There is no hidden sense or purpose here. Just to make you smile. But your smile is also a treasure. It's expensive, you know.


Наипозитивнейший портрет весёлой девчонки. Цель этой картины - посмотрел и улыбнулся. Всё, больше целей нет, только ваша улыбка. Но и она дорогого стоит.



"I am where the sun is" / "Я там где солнце"

    • This is original oil on canvas painting. 
    • Painting is signed on the front and the back and  ready to hang. 
    • Artwork on supported wooden frame.
    • Signed with a Certificate of Authenticity attached.