Painting / Oil on canvas and spray paint, gold foil / Size: 92 H x 142 W x 2 cm / Ships in a Box / Shipping included in price / The painting stretched on canvas board and ready to hang.



They are all around thoughtful and beautiful girl. The bright future invades her understandable reality. This painting reflects the future, as many of my canvases are. Did you notice that I see the future in happy and optimistic tones, though the reality speaks about quite the opposite. It's an old work that I finished in 2020. I feel a huge lack of music, dancing and freedom at the moment. This work is actually about youth, love, dance and, of course, clouds of pheromones in the air.


Давняя картина дописанная в 2020 году. Как же мне сейчас не хватает этой музыки, танцев, не хватает свободы. Собственно эта картина об этом – молодости, влюблённости, танцах и конечно же о бесконечных феромонах в воздухе.

"Pheromones" / "Феромоны"

    • This is original oil on canvas painting. 
    • Painting is signed on the front and the back and  ready to hang. 
    • Artwork on supported wooden frame.
    • Signed with a Certificate of Authenticity attached.