Painting / Oil on linen  / Size: 80 H x 80 W x 2 cm / 2021 / Ships in a Box / Shipping included in price


Synchronicity is always fascinating. There is much more of it around than we are used to thinking, and then we see. There are only two primary colors in the painting, but the perspective and texture of the strokes and layers gives the impression of a rich and deep painting. The painting combines lightness, conciseness, movement and light. "The Russian ballet" series


Синхронность всегда завораживает. Ее на много больше вокруг, чем мы привыкли думать и чем видим. В картине всего два основных цвета, но перспектива и фактура мазков, слоёв создаёт впечатление богатой и глубокой живописи. Картина сочетает в себе лёгкость, лаконичность, движение и свет. Серия "Русский балет"


"Synchronicity" / "Синхронность"

    • This is original oil on canvas painting. 
    • The painting is signed on the front and the back.
    • Artwork not supported wooden frame and need to be stretched.
    • Signed with a Certificate of Authenticity attached.